your space is your reflection


A house like a dream

Combining respect for tradition and current technical progress

Respecting the environment and working towards sustainable development



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Landscaping & Permaculture

Respecting the environment and finding sustainable and ecological solutions to your garden, vegetable garden or swimming pool



The house, cozy and easy to live in

Modifying and creating interiors for all kinds of unusual living

Accompanying your refurbishment work

Making your home welcoming



Furniture like sculpture

Exclusive furniture concepts, custom made, folding or transformable

Restoring your antique furniture or finding original items for you


Imagina in the Gers

after years of working all over the world, Imagina is now based in the Gers

about us


Peter Toby Schümmer

He worked as a draftsman for theatre and motion picture set design until 1978. He then became involved with decorators such as Claudio Briganti and the architecte Renzo Mongiardino, whom he assisted on architectural and interior projects. PT refurbished old buildings, designed staircases and furniture, and transformable spaces both large and small. He ran his own workshop in England from 1981 to 1988 specializing in folding and transformable furniture design, hidden doors and rooms.
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Paloma Rodríguez Trilla

After studying Fine Arts, she began her career in graphic design, moving towards computer-aided design. In 2001 she settled in Paris, and since then she has dedicated herself to conceptual architectural design and interior projects, building house models and graphic representation in general.

In 2016 she started to specialize in Permaculture design.

Peter Schümmer and Paloma Rodríguez started their own company IMAGINA in Paris, to promote architecture, interior design, furniture making and restoration.

In 2014, IMAGINA extended its activities to work with house owners in the Gers and the surrounding area, with their architectural projects, landscaping, renovations and property maintenance.

Since 2016, IMAGINA also looks after outdoor spaces applying the basic concepts of permaculture for gardens, vegetable gardens, parks, etc.

IMAGINA speaks:

French   -   English   -   Spanish   -   German   -   Italian


expositions of furniture

1990 - Via, Paris
1993 - Fine Arts Olympia Exhibition, London
1995 - Royal School of Architecture, London
1997 - Sothebys of Bond Street, London
1999 - Salon des Antiquaires, Paris
2000 - Mario Bonaccina, Milano
2004 - Musée des Arts Décoratifs de la Porte Dorée, Paris
2016 - Château de la Roche-Guyon, La Roche-Guyon


We understand an interior space as an entity, reflecting the character and well-being of its residents.

Solving technical challenges, we seek to adapt each space to the needs and personality of the client.

We try to avoid preconceived ideas in matters both technical and aesthetic.

We prefer the use of natural materials, respecting nature.

The same concept applies to our furniture designs, refurbishing ships or other unusual spaces, and more generally to any challenge that is set before us.

We integrate the house within its surroundings, landscape, and climate, always keeping in mind its final destination and the taste of its future inhabitants.

We are particularly aware of the environmental problem, trying to apply to our projects solutions inspired by permaculture in everything concerning the use and reuse of resources, renewable energies...


9 rue Emilio Castelar - 75012 Paris (France)


    Lieu dit Gracio - 32190 Vic Fezensac (France)


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