Conceiving architectural and interior projects. Following the whole process from the initial idea until the end of its construction

This includes extensions or refurbishing all sorts of spaces and what is around them

Changes of use (transforming a garage into a guest room, a hut into an atypical accommodation...)

Interior architecture of unusual spaces like ships or planes, trailers...

Renovation works for any kind of room (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room...)

Personalised study for all types of spaces, using in the most creative way all the possibilities of your house: volumes, light, exposure to views, colors, furniture, household arrangements, etc.

Choice of professionals (upholsterers, cabinet makers, etc.)

Searching for old furniture or decorative objects (antiquarians, second-hand goods) or contemporary

Design / construction of complicated staircases and hiding places

Projects of interior design or design for commercial spaces representing your particular activity
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